Hi, I'm Mylene.

About Me
I’m Mylene Pedrosa. Born on October 29, 1994 at Angono, Rizal City, Philippines. I am a very quiet person mostly at work but out of the box and have sense of humor when I’m out with friends. I love drawing, reading books, eating, listening to music and singing even though I don’t have good voice. LOL.

They say as a programmer, you are alone in your entire life. But for me? This is a big NO, I have the best boyfriend in the world!

Ever since I was in my secondary year level of my school life, I found love in coding and designing website. I started to work and develop a client website since 2014. I have now over 4 years experience of developing using different platforms. And as a developer, I am willing to do my 100% best for an excellent output of work.

List of my Expertise
  • Photoshop 90% 90%
  • UX/UI 100% 100%
  • Designing 100% 100%
  • CSS 100% 100%
  • PHP 85% 85%
  • HTML 100% 100%
  • Wordpress 95% 95%
  • Drupal 85% 85%
  • Prestashop 80% 80%
Latest Integration
2016, When I started to develop a website using drupal platform. I worked as a front-end developer and was assigned to develop own theme. At first it was a bit hard for me to do it since, I am new in drupal environment. But as the time goes by, I really worked hard to study the system flow and integrate my very first own theme. I use this theme whenever I develop Drupal website. This theme is very adaptive, responsive and reusable because it contains all the possible section blocks you can use in building a user friendly website.

The theme contains: Flexible & Adaptive Blocks, Automated CSS, Responsive and Clean Structure.